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School counselling services

Bronwyn has provided counselling services and consultancy to schools in Birmingham for 10 years. Starting as a person-centre counsellor at a Birmingham Youth Counselling Charity in 2005, where she worked as a volunteer counsellor and later as a paid school Counsellor until 2010. During that time she worked in a top Independent boys school and helped set up and run school counselling services at 2 grammar schools also in Birmingham.

Bronwyn was then approached to set up a new school counselling service in a top Independent Girls school in Edgbaston and has been providing one to one Integrative Counselling to students aged 11-18 since 2014 and provides consultancy to staff. She also offers counselling to students and pastoral support sessions for busy school staff at a Birmingham Academy School, where she set up the school counselling service in 2009.

Advising on setting up schools counselling services and implementing the start up in schools is a passion for Bronwyn, who believes all young people who need it should have access to counselling services at school, where it is statistically shown they are more likely to engage with and use services, and at a time when they need it most.

Bronwyn Daffern school counselling services
School counselling services Bronwyn Daffern
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Get in touch with Bronwyn for a free initial telephone conversation to assess your needs and how she can help you.

Additional services

Additional services include Pastoral staff support – this not counselling, rather a reflective supervision space – a regular, confidential, (usually) monthly meeting, where, on a one to one basis with Bronwyn, staff have the option to discuss how their role at school impacts them personally, helping them to acknowledge that impact and any affects on their own well-being, so they may address any issues arising, before their well-being is compromised. Its aim being a healthy acknowledgement and proactive approach to maintaining their own well-being while they attend to the educational and pastoral needs of the students in their care at school. This reflective supervision is not a replacement for school line management, but is certainly supportive, compatible and sympathetic to the team approach in schools.

School life is such an important component in the shaping of the minds and lives of children and young people, workers in education have a privileged opportunity to really make a positive impact on the young people in their care – providing counselling for them and emotional support for the staff who care for them, is a very positive ethos for schools to adopt.

  • One to one counselling with students aged 11 – 18
  • One to one Reflective Supervision meetings for staff members, heads of year, middle and senior management, pastoral staff.
  • Consultancy services advising on setting up school counselling services.

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