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Counselling and psychotherapy in nature. Walking outside, moving through the landscape together as we focus on the issues affecting your life, talking it through to help explore those issues, their impact, origins and evolution, gaining understanding and insight, facilitating change and growth for you.

From my base in Winchcombe we have many walking routes to choose from, depending on your needs on the day. We can use a combination of working indoors in my comfortable room in the town or outdoors walking part of the Cotswold Way, a few steps from my office.

Your individual needs will be assessed in an initial telephone conversation, please call me on 07805791490 to discuss further if Ecotherapy sounds right for you.

Get in touch with Bronwyn Daffern on 07805 791490 for a free initial telephone conversation, or by email to assess your needs and how she can help you.

Walk and talk counselling for professionals

Talk in confidence

 After an initial telephone consultation and first office-based meeting, we can set up regular meetings at the location which suits you best. As well as the benefits of talking things through, safe in the knowledge the meetings are confidential, Ecotherapy meetings have been shown to improve creativity, cognitive functioning and overall well-being.

Call Bronwyn today on 07805 791490

“The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness.” Abraham Maslow.