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Walk and Talk

Not everyone needs counselling but at some points in our lives, professional or personal, we could benefit from being able to talk in confidence, openly and honestly, about what’s going on. Whether it’s about how we are relating to our clients, customers, family or friends, or about a particular project which is challenging, it can be invaluable to have a safe, confidential space to talk it through, make decisions, gain clarity and move forward.

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Walk and talk counselling for professionals

Talk in confidence

Walk and talk Birmingham is a professional service to help with those times. I provide regular meetings with people at a choice of locations in Edgbaston, Solihull and Earlswood. After an initial telephone consultation and first office-based meeting, we can set up regular meetings at the location which suits you best. As well as the benefits of talking things through, safe in the knowledge the meetings are confidential, walking and talking meetings have been shown to improve creativity, cognitive functioning and overall well-being.

Support with challenges and dilemmas

I work with all kinds of people, supporting them with their challenges and dilemmas, in a way other support may not provide in their lives at work or beyond. We all need to offload, without concern for adverse consequences in the workplace, if we speak our minds openly and honestly about a situation, an issue, a project, challenge, or problem. I can provide a safe, secure, confidential setting, where you can do just that, and feel the benefits of being able to release any tension or difficult emotions you may hold around the situation. I will work with you to understand and alleviate how you feel and regain clarity of the situation and renewed focus and motivation for your work.

Fresh air and movement

As a trained and highly experienced therapeutic practitioner and facilitator, I can meet with you regularly, in one of our offices or outdoor spaces, where walk and talk meetings can help us explore what’s on your mind. Some appointments will be office based but I am a strong advocate for getting outdoors where movement, fresh air and talking things through help relax the mind and giving the creative flow more freedom to express itself.

Combining exercise and talking in a natural environment in this way can benefit not only you but also those you are involved with in both your personal and professional life. Get in touch with me to discuss things further and arrange our first meeting. Once we have discussed your needs in an initial office-based consultation, we can agree on the frequency and location of our regular meetings. You can choose from Edgbaston, Solihull and Earlswood locations for outdoor meetings and Edgbaston B15 and Solihull B28 for office based meetings. See this article from Harvard Business school on the benefits of ‘walk and talk meetings’ and get in touch today.

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“The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness.” Abraham Maslow.