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Creative art therapy

We all have an innate need to develop and grow. Creative Art Therapy can help us with that process. It helps us express aspects of ourselves and our life experiences which can be difficult to put into words because they may not be accessible using words initially. Such difficulties can relate to the stage of development the experience occurred and how we integrated that into our understanding of ourselves and our world at that time. Sometimes where there have been difficult or traumatic experiences at sensitive stages of our development we need help to access the memories of those experiences, so that we can understand and heal.

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Art therapy is not about making beautiful images

Making images in therapy helps us access parts of ourselves we may have pushed away, yet which when we can access them, hold the key to self-understanding, awareness, integration of those parts within us and healing. It helps integrate aspects of the psyche which have become obscured. Art therapy is not about making beautiful images, though what is created in therapy may indeed have beauty; it is more about the process of creation and what it unlocks within, that allows expression of our inner world.

Creative art therapy helps us work together

Creative art therapy helps us work together to honour that innate tendency towards healing which we all possess. I will discuss possible creative art therapy exercises, techniques and approaches with you during our work together as appropriate, this will be a collaborative process, where you will be supported during any creative process used to support your therapy. It is not like an art class, rather it is used as part of the therapeutic process in a caring, sensitive and non-judgemental way. Please get in touch with me using the contact page or telephone call if you wish to discuss further how creative art therapy might help you.

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“Be faithful to what exists within yourself.” Carl Jung.